Private Christian Schools

Private Christian schools, particularly those who attempt to provide their students a solid education that reflects conservative Biblical understanding, are finding it harder and harder to accomplish this worthy goal. Funding, government restrictions and requirements, and the inability to find instructors who have the same standards have combined to make it very difficult to maintain a true Biblical worldview. In the midst of these challenges, the teaching of science has taken some solid hits in the last few decades with the intrusion of what some have labeled “compromise creation positions.” Conservative Christian science education is becoming an endangered species.

We at Truth in Science© believe we have created the perfect answer to this dilemma. Building our curriculum from the ground up, establishing the importance of worldview, and the necessity of a Biblical worldview we have combined this foundational understanding with solid, cutting-edge science to produce a high quality, scientifically sound, Biblically founded, affordable Christian science curriculum.

Teacher Friendly

Truth in Science© was written and edited by practicing and former classroom teachers. Special attention has been given to formatting, centering on ease of use and the maximum amount of flexibility. Suggestions are given on how to use the curriculum as little as once a week to every day of the week. Explicit instructions are given on how to use the easy-to-follow format. Furthermore, the individual “stand-alone” Student Steps allow the teacher to be as directly involved in the teaching of the lesson as he desires without compromising on the quality of the science education.


The school district will be pleased to see that the Truth in Science© curriculum is highly competitive in its pricing structure; and because of the curriculum’s ability to be used as a stand-alone, student-directed option, the purchase of the Teacher’s Editions is not required (but it is recommended).

High Quality Science and Worldview Material

Truth in Science© has been reviewed and praised by some of the most well respected leaders in Christian education. Not only has it been recommended by highly credentialed science professionals, it has been well received in Christian education circles, Christian book companies, and even by well known and respected leaders in the greater Christian ministry arena. (Click here to read our reviews.)

Full-Year, “Spiral” Philosophy Curriculum

Truth in Science© promotes the spiral methodology of learning. This means that over the course of the full school year, the students will be taught lessons from the Life Sciences, the Earth Sciences, and the Physical Sciences. Beginning the next year, the students will study the same sciences but on a higher level. In this way, the science is being reinforced and additional material is added to the subjects as they progress through the spiraling cycle.

Truth In Science Scope and Sequence

Truth In Science School Policy

Thank you for your interest in the Truth in Science© curriculum. The Truth in Science© School Policy Packet includes an account application, product catalog, school policies, pricing and discount schedule. Upon return of the enclosed account application and reference sheet we will be happy to send titles of your choice on a 60-day evaluation basis. Enjoy your evaluation period.

Please note that you will be invoiced for those copies with payment due in 60 days from the date of the order. Should you decide to return the curriculum, please contact our Returns Desk for return shipping instructions within the 60 day evaluation period.

Click here to download your TIS School Policy Packet. (Pending)

We look forward to working with you in providing quality curriculum for your school. If you have any questions, please call toll free at (888) 524-4724.