Homeschool Customers

Homeschooling presents unique teaching challenges: Multiple grade levels, extra-curricular activities, and single student “classes” are some of the situations faced by many homeschool educators. Truth in Science© recognized these challenges at its inception and has incorporated several distinctive tools that are sure to make your science education experience enjoyable for both you and your student while ensuring a quality science presentation.

Flexibility of Use

Truth in Science© can be utilized successfully in a large classroom environment, a small living room, or a kitchen. The homeschool instructor will find scheduling instructions in the front of the Teacher’s Edition that will fit various time allotments, and there are suggestions throughout the text that will help adapt certain activities to a homeschool situation. In addition, the information-packed Student Steps can be used as a stand-alone curriculum or in conjunction with a Teacher’s Edition. This gives the homeschool educator the option to be as involved in the science education of their student as they wish to be without compromising the quality of instruction

Teacher Friendly

The editorial staff included some homeschool educators. This practical inclusion resulted in an understanding of the full scope of the homeschool educators “professional” training as educators. The beginning homeschool educator will be pleased at the informational instruction given regarding how to use and teach the Truth in Science© material. At the same time, the veteran educators will also be pleased to see that the format for Truth in Science© is conducive to a well-organized and easily followed lesson plan. Of particular interest to the homeschool educator, Truth in Science© has incorporated a great deal of support material to enhance their ability to effectively teach their student. The instructor will also find that the hands-on activities, with very few exceptions, were created to utilize common household items; and for those items that may not be readily available, a list is provided that contains various resource contacts.

Worldview Presentation

The homeschool family that believes worldview is often overlooked and desires to incorporate it into their student’s science instruction will find that Truth in Science© is a unique and needed option. Truth in Science© believes that an individual’s worldview directly impacts his understanding of the world around him, and it is particularly influential in the realm of science instruction. We want to be very clear: Truth in Science© does not take common science instruction and attempt to add Bible verses for memorization; great care has been taken to remove denominational bias and casual application of the Bible to science. Rather, this curriculum strives to instill in the student the understanding that there are only two distinct positions by which scientific learning can take place: a secular understanding represented by the predominant evolutionary model and a literal Biblical understanding represented by conservative Biblical creation. All scientific inquiry and discovery will be filtered through one of these worldviews. The resulting conclusions drawn from those opposite filters can have eternal consequences.

Full-Year, “Spiral” Philosophy Curriculum

Truth in Science© promotes the spiral methodology of learning. This means that over the course of the full school year, the student will be taught lessons from the Life Sciences, the Earth Sciences, and the Physical Sciences. Beginning the next year, the student will study the same sciences but on a higher level. In this way, the science is being reinforced and additional material is added to the subjects as he progresses through the spiraling cycle.